How to start a successful blog.

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Blogging is a platform where we can share our knowledge and information by using online content and information. Today blogging is also a profession by which you can earn some income and as well good reputation. However becoming a blogger is easy but for getting a success you need a dedication and passion about blogging. If you are a individual blogger you can start your own personal blog or add some reviews or add some articles about technology, food, health etc.

Why you should build a blog?

Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news. It’s a great way to express yourself and also a fantastic way to share information with others.
Today blogging has become a profession, and by being a full time blogger you can earn a better income. 

It is great we can create content online and share with others on the web. 

How to choose your blogging platform.

If you want to quick start your blog and have no or less knowledge about technology and how to create a blog. Then we have option with some online blogging platform like:

Wordpress - it is a huge platform to add your own blog and start creating content online.

Blogger - It is own by google and provides a easy way to quick start your own blog and it is the next best thing after WordPress.

Tumblr - Also you can try creating a blog with Tumblr, a social networking platform.

Above all options are yet easy to build and create a blog, but there are some pros and cons of creating a blog using above options like.

Either we can set up our own hosting site and create a blog or we can rely on free blogging platform to quickstart our blog within few hours. Advantages of creating a self-hosted blog is that you own your blog and get some likely name of the site according to the niche blog topic or theme it is having just like yourname.com or having the best suitable keyword for your blogname.

It means, you own your domain while creating a self-hosted blog having your own domain while creating a blog with free alternatives like wordpress and blogger you add your blogname as subdomain like: blogname.wordpress.com or blogname.blogspot.com. If you still want to jump into writing and looking for a free option then you can go for setting up your blog on Wordpress.com while you can later go for your own hosted site.

The links I found might be helpful

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How to promote your blog?

Create stunning designs and layout for the blog as people should get attracted to your site. On top of that, it should be easy to navigate if you want people to stick around.

Promote your blog using different social networking platforms and bookmarking tools. Like pinterest, twitter, stumble, reddit, linkedin etc.

Promote your blog on some Social Network and Bookmarking sites

LinkedIn - LinkedIn is a professional networking website with over 100 million active users. LinkedIn network can send you good quality traffic. And it is mostly used by professionals who are looking for job or business opportunities. Create a LinkedIn account and try to regularly add a post on to your board
with consistency

Pinterest - Pinterest itself generates more traffic than accumulated traffic from Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn. Pinterest also allows users to find and save "visual bookmarks" called pins. 
Add some quality images to your articles and also we can create a category to organize our posts on pinterest. We can also pin the images under the right category and it can send the good quality traffic to our site.

Medium - Medium is a great publish platform to share our content. That is, we can publish interesting articles or can even republish our blog posts on Medium adding backlinks to our post. It is having nice and easy way of adding your post and also allow us to make embed links to our post.

Tumblr - Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform by Yahoo where we can share our posts.

Enjoy your new blog!

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