Best five ways to improve your blog writing skills

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How to create a effective and creative content online?

Today we are going to discuss some simple steps to create a great good looking and effective post online.

We want our articles and blogs to really look nice and professional, and stand out from the crowd, and get recognized. Our posts must be interesting and readable for our online users.

Using formatting styles like heading styles for H1, H2, H3, and body text, link and blockquote should look.

We can use great themes for our blog

A responsive blog templates must have pages like category and blog posts and detail pages. Using different font styles and colors. We have list a few modern and responsive blog templates.

Responsive templates for blogger.com

Remember as we have our goal to release our content online and get feedback and improve over it overtime.
We can find any templates matching our site or blog theme may be all the templates or themes available doesn't match all our needs and some may have few features or addons while other may be missing but selecting best from the one we have can let us start adding our content and share with others.

Next is steal great colors for the font

We can add good choices of colors to our theme and blog layout. Colors may be contrasting or matching while we can choose a light color for our background which may have soothing effect on our eyes and makes ease of read. Body text should always be dark enough to be readable. All the hyperlinks text over the page must have same color which makes it more readable and have some hovering effect. Also add some attractive color for headers and callouts.


Tip : find some color palletes using ColourLovers.com

Adding nice and attractive fonts to your blog posts

Different fonts have different feel so you can try some fonts while you can download Google fonts here. Do remember to add some good combination of font styles for heading and body text, simple it should be readable and do not get too fancy or too weird. Also add relevant font sizes and line-height for fonts.

Adding some images to our blog

Try to add some nice, attractive and cool looking images to our post always. As having good images can get the attention of reader in your blog or content and as well it can explain what you want to tell your reader's in the below content, we can add some 4 to 5 images which can keep our reader's engage.

Ways to break up the flow

How to tell your readers what you want to tell? It is nice to have a long and good content, it is nice we can anticipate the boredom and break up the flow. One on the way to break the flow is adding nice images as we have discussed above. Also we can always add a good heading while add some points or content headers explaining what you are going to tell them today in your post or article. We can use lists and headings like h2, h2, h3 but keep main heading as h2 that will be always one on the page. Lastly add some CTAs (Call To Action) having some nice and appealing font colors to have the readers a way to make appreciation for your article, post or content that you have created. Like: Please make a share, See what's next etc.


Hope you have got some idea of writing a attractive and nice looking article for your readers. Also kindly give us some feedback, while you add or create some online content next.

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