Combining AngularJS with Asp.Net MVC Razor

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Benefits of using AngularJS in Asp.Net MVC

  1. AngularJS provides declarative markup. You express your intent in the markup, including data bindings and custom HTML syntax.
  2. AngularJS supports dependency injection.
  3. AngularJS supports MVC or MVVM model well. AngularJS provides developers an options to write client side applications using JavaScript in a clean Model View Controller (MVC).
  4. AngularJS is a efficient framework that can create Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  5. AngularJS is cross-browser compliant.
  6. Handles JavaScript code automatically for each browser.
  7. It helps web developer to build fast and rich interactive web applications.
  8. AngularJS helps build Single Page Applications (SPA) and ajax based partial update of a web page.


Why we should use AngularJS with Asp.Net MVC?

Have you started learning AngularJS and ASP.NET MVC, And if wondering should I be using them both in the same application?
ASP.NET MVC is a robust and mature platform for creating enterprise-level web applications. The .NET runtime is a very mature, well understood framework that remains very popular. ASP.NET MVC provides a good testing story and Microsoft has continued to strengthen the underlying platforms that ASP.NET MVC builds upon.

If you are using visual studio there is a new SPA MVC website template which includes angular and MVC Web Api controllers. Asp.Net provides provides web template and initial html pages to serve your users & we can make authentication and authorization easy using Asp.Net MVC.

AngularJS is a client side library which makes building client side projection of data easy by view-model as in Razor view while Asp.Net MVC provides the server code. In the new paradigm Asp.Net WEB API 2 we can make rest based APIs to be consumed in our angular view. APIs provides json endpoints for the angular client side to call.

Additionally you can use the MVC controllers to serve the basic html view or views for your single page application this gives you the power of the server side generation, authorization, redirects, error handling etc. Why we need authorization? To display relevant pages to user.

Hope you find this article helpful. And helps you make a decision while starting your new project in Asp.Net MVC.

Please fell free to share your comments and suggestions about the article.

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