Do developers still prefer coding a website from scratch?

Do developers still prefer coding a website from scratch or use Bootstrap/WordPress like frameworks?

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Well, the technologies are advancing each day. Thee big bulky phones have now become mobile and so has everything else. You can carry around basically everything with you.  The way people think have changed and so does the way the thins are build have changed. Earlier since the screen sizes did not vary much the programmers could hard-code the websites easily. But with varying mobile phone sizes and varying laptop and computer screen sizes it is essential to optimize the websites.

Now, coding and developing a website which is responsive is a challenging task and optimizing through coding for every screen size is a tedious job. This arises the real question that does programmers and developers really prefer coding a website from scratch? Nowadays various tools and frameworks like Bootstrap and WordPress are available using which anyone can develop a website easily and without much hassle. These frameworks make it really easy to code and build a website which is responsive i.e gives the desired result in terms of display for all the various screen sizes.

Bootstrap makes it way too easy to design a website and guess what the website is made any screen ready the moment it is made so no need for optimizing it at all. The frameworks like WordPress make it easier to build a website. Build, and not design. WordPress is an awesome framework using which you can develop a full-fledged website and deploy it too. So starting from scratch do make developers tensed.

Well, the answer to the question on which the entire article revolves has already been given by your brain while you were reading it. Yes, you thought it right, the frameworks are always preferred against coding from scratch for the reasons discussed above. Unless you are learning or practising there is no point in developing a website on your own. So no developer prefers coding  from scratch.

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