What is Syncbite.com?

It is a blog site, having contents from many topics on human profession like IT/software, technology, sports, food and health & fitness. Also it is a developer's blog where group of IT professionals and developers are ready to exchange their ideas, knowledge and experience by contributing articles, blogs, tips and reviews.

How can I sign up as a blogger?

You can register as a blogger here. After sign up you will receive a confirmation email containing link, click the link to open in new browser window to confirm your account subscription.

What all topics does this site contains?

It is having contents about general topics from human life, its advancement & betterment of life. We have added many topics like related to sports, food, health, technology, modern lifestyle and others.

Can I add blog post on topics of my interest?

As mentioned above we have good list of topics already added on our site. You can add blogs, articles and tips on any of the topics available.

How much time will it take to get my account approved?

After receiving your request as you registered as a blogger on our site syncbite.com we will activate your account within 24 hours.

How do I request a new category or topics?

Syncbite.com web site is open to all technologies and other social and human areas, health, food, sports etc. If you do not see a category or any topics, please email us at info@syncbite.com.

How much time it will take for my content to go live

Most contents take approx. 24 hours to go live in Syncbite.com.

Where do I see my submitted contents?

You can find your contents, articles and blogs on MyPosts page.

What is the difference between articles, blogs and tips?

Articles are longer than 300 words and have detailed information on the subject. While tips can be short format like some points and having some quick reviews.

Why is my post shows status "Pending"?

When you submit any article or content its status is pending as it is waiting for approval by our editorial team. Our team will check your content for some criteria and if there are some edits we will let you know or it may go for publish.

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