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  •  Almonds -200gms 
  •  Pistachios-200gms
  •  Cashews -200gms
  •  Desicated coconut 200gms
  •  Gund 200gms
  •  Jaggery 200gms
  •  Desi ghee 250 gms
  •  Whole wheat flour 250 gms
  •  Milk 3 tbsp                                                                              
  •  Khoya 300gms                                                                         
  •  sesame seeds [khus khus] 50gms roasted



  • Take a round bottom pan and add 2 tbs of ghee and fry gund till they crack and ballon up. remove and keep aside.
  • Again take 2tbs of ghee and roast the flour on low flame for 10 mins till it changes its color to light brown.remove and keep aside.
  • Crush all the dryfruits into small pieces and keep aside.
  • Next in the frypan take the remaining ghee and add jagerry [small pieces] and stir fry till it softens ,then add khoya [small pieces] and stir till both melts together for 5 mins then add the coconut with continious stir and add milk & stir evenly, then add half of the dry fruits to this mixture and then close the flame and add flour in clockwise moves till all blends together .
  • Now grease a square mold with 1tbs of ghee and pour in the mixture. Set it with a spatula evenly with a thickness of 2cm.decorate it with the remaining dryfruits ,seaame seeds and gund.again press with the spatula evenly to set.make your desired cuts and let it  cool for 1 hour. delicious and healthy dessert  is ready to serve. 
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