Who’s Healthier? Younger or Elder Generation?

Who’s Healthier?

We usually assume that young people are active and fit as compared to the old ones so they are healthier. But is that really so? According to a study it is found out that old people are mentally healthier and happier than young ones. How can this be possible? Old people are disabled and weak, then how can they be healthy? This cannot be true. These are the things you might be possibly wondering about. Let us continue the discussion.

Let us compare old and young adults first. Young adults usually face stress and pressure from day to day life. The pressure of earning, competition, marriage, studying and socializing to name a few. It is found out that the anxiety level found in students is more than the anxiety levels found in the mental patients of 1950s. Now that is a shocking and true fact. All of these affects our health. Also, stress is the primary reason behind many diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, insomnia and many others. Each disease takes a heavy toll on the body. The old ones, on the other hand, have lived their life and during their time the social media and social connections were not this hyped. Also, the competition and anxiety level was low. Hence we will find old people healthier than young ones.

Researcher Dr Sergei Scherbov has found out that many people who are classified as old are as strong as younger people.

For instance, highly-educated 65-year-old Americans had the grip strength of 60-year-olds with less education. Now, this changes the way we look at old people. Now, let us look at another survey.

Older adults may not be as physically healthy or mentally sharp as younger and middle-aged adults, but they have higher psychological well-being than these other age groups, according to a new survey of people living in San Diego County, California. Also, old people face less stress and have lesser depression risks as compared to young people.

To conclude, although there is a decline in physical health and thinking capacity as we age, old people are still mentally healthier and fit. So one can argue that young ones are healthier but it depends that for that person is mental health more important or physical.


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