How to prepare homemade dark chocolate recipe

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Dark Chocolate Recipe

This homemade dark chocolate recipe is good to try, chocolate prepared is approx 85% dark. It is free from artificial contents and preservatives, having many nutritional and health benefits. It is known to enhance the mood, due to its rich content. It is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids.


Cooking Time:

Prep time: 5 mins

Cook time: 5 mins

Total time: 10 mins


  1. 1 cup (200 gms approx.) cocoa butter*
  2. 1 cup (100 gms approx.) unprocessed 100% cocoa powder or cacao powder
  3. 4-5 tablespoons of honey or more for taste. Also you can use 1/2 cup (80 ml) maple syrup.
  4. Some orange zest for the flavor.
  5. Pinch of sea salt



  1. Melt cocoa butter in a double boiler or in a glass mixing bowl set over a small saucepan with 1 inch of water over medium heat. Alternatively, melt in the microwave in a mixing bowl until completely liquid.
  2. Once melted remove the oil from the heat and add the cocoa powder, honey, orange zest and pinch of sea salt.
  3. Whisk everything completely until there are no remaining lumps of cocoa powder and the honey has dissolved into the chocolate mixture.
  4. Pour the chocolate into candy molds or a lined baking pan and leave it to set and getting cool at room temprature, when hardened remove from the molds.
  5. Also you can place the chocolate into the fridge to harden more quickly for one hour at least.


Note: It is important to keep right temprature while mixing cocoa butter and other ingredients and while pouring into pan, this gives chocolate a perfect texture and look.


Optional add-ins:

  • Nuts, seeds, crisped rice cereal can be added for a nutty taste.
  • Orange extract or zest, cinnamon, coffee/espresso powder can be added or sprinkled for adding some flavor.
  • Also you can add peppermint to give it a minty flavor.
  • Maple syrup can be used in place of honey.
  • Number of servings depends on mold, and it can be multiplied.
  • If you do not have available cocoa butter, you can use coconut oil (1 cup - 200 ml). However, using cocoa butter is the best.*


Tips: Chocolates can be kept at room temperature for serving, for the best freshness, store it in a airtight container in freezer for 1 - 2 months.

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