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Work overalls for men and women are required for safety use in PPE. While they protect workers and employee from heat, cold, splashes, flames and flying debris in the workplace.
Word coverall and overall is used interchangeably to represent a complete clothing suit covering whole body while working in harsh & wet conditions. It may be a pair of loose fitting pants with supporting cross-strap and full or half sleeve shirts or either a whole body overall.

An overall, also called overalls, bib-and-brace overalls, or dungarees, is a type of garment which is usually used as protective clothing when working.

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How do overalls protect you?

  1. Hi-Visibility, they are designed for the purpose of use in the dark or low light conditions. These type of overalls include cross-strap of reflecting material which gets illuminated when a light comes from a source like headlight.
  2. Some coveralls are designed from special material such as water repellant, fire proof materials.
  3. Overalls are also used as a uniform and comes in various colors and designs to recognize which sub department the wearer belongs to
  4. The primary purpose of work wear overalls is to protect the user from harsh and wet conditions. They also retain heat radiated from the body and keeps the wearer warm in the cold weather.
  5. Uniforms & Workwear coverall made up of 100% industrial cotton twill provides complete lower and upper body protection.
  6. They provide a barrier against the hazards associated with working with dry particles including asbestos, lead and dust.
  7. Offers good protection against grease and grime and is ideal for automobile, workshop, and manufacturing industries.


Varities of Coveralls include:

Work overalls - A whole body overalls normally wear by the workers in the workplace. Generally have two flap pockets with velcro closer. Other handy features include this elasticized waist band and back patch pocket.

Bib and Brace Overalls - Bib overalls are made of pants with pockets with a bib and straps over the shoulders.

Water Proof Overalls - Overalls which are water repellant.

Flame Retardant Overalls - Overalls made from fire proof materials.

Hi-vis Overalls - High visibility overalls having reflecting cross-straps over head, chest, hands and around legs used by workers on the roads, rails, and airports.

Padded overalls - Padded Overalls to give you that extra warmth and comfort when working in harsh, cold weather conditions.


Buy/Purchase a coverall

Generally, cotton and denim overalls are popular worker's garment due to their durability and flexibility. And they provide good safety againt harsh condition in workplace areas.

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