How to check & prevent alarming signs of heart disease

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Healthy eating and regular exercises keep your heart health good always and keeps you fit.

Follow these below tips to keep your heart health

Eating dryfruits

Eating good amount of dryfruits including almonds, pistachio, walnut is really good for heart health. Usually consume 140 grams of dryfruits every week for your heart health. 

Fruit juices

Orange juice contains folic acid which prevents risk of getting heart attack while grapes are good for artery blockage.

Green Tea

Have lot of anti-oxidants and natural content which helps control blood pressure and reduces cholesterol level.

Good and Sound Sleep

We must get a sleep from 7 to 8 hours in a day, it is considered ideal for your good health. Lack of sleep can cause increase in level of stress hormone and also increase blood pressure as well sugar level of your body. We should not sleep much but our sleep must not be less than 6 hours a day. A short snap in a afternoon is recommended for reducing stress level and also keep you more active in a day & even increases our productivity at work.

Eating Raw and fresh Vegetables

Eat fresh fruits and raw vegetable daily as it is good source of vitamins, minerals and fibre which helps clean our digestive system. Lahsun is good for artery blockage. Try to consume 500 grams of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.


Consuming fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna is good for heart health as it is having Omega3 fatty acids which is good for heart health and reduces the risk of getting heart diseases by 52 percent.

Anger Management

Study from Harvard School of Public Health shows that anger should be controlled getting angry on little things is not good for your heart health.

Aerobics Exercises

Regular aerobic exercises helps control blood pressure, reduces stress and depression, improves cholesterol levels, decreases blood sugar level, increases muscle and bone strength, and helps prevent blood clots. Yoga helps to improve balance, flexibility, and strength of your body.

Eating Dark chocolate

Eating dark chocolate is really good for health, and contains healthy flavonoids. Flavonoids helps reduce inflammation and lower your risk of heart diseases.

7 unknown Symptoms of heart disease

Heat Sensitivity in Gums
Research have shown that having Heat Sensitivity in Gums may be related to heart disease as plaque responsible for stoppage in veins causes gum sensitivity known as Periodontitis. Expert dentists advice is required in this.

Skin folds in ear lobes
Our ear lower part may be used to find out probability of having any heart diseases. university of Pennsylvania researchers have found in their study that if there is a skin fold under your ear lobe than it may be a indicator of having heart diseases in future. This may be a symptom of stoppage in veins.

Those who are snore most may be there carotid artery has been broadend and narrowed from inside. like this two arteries pass blood from heart to the brain. Blockage in these arteries and veins may result in higher risk of getting paralysis and heart attack. Doctors advice is needed.

Getting pain in arms
If you are getting pain under arms and there is no direct cause for this pain then it may be alarming. This may be a symptom of disease called angina, means heart muscles have reduced flow of blood oxygen this may be a symptom of coronary heart disease.

No Pimples Occur
Getting acne and pimples in younger age is normal but a post in American journal of epidemiology says that causing pimples may reduce the risk of heart disease by 33 percent.

Inflammation in lower leg
Causing inflammation under legs without any reason may happen because of weakness in your heart, in this condition heart is unable to pump more blood through veins in your legs.

Excessive Yawning
According to science, we usually yawn because our body need more oxygen to be circulated in our blood, and keep our brain cool. This happens mostly while doing exercising as we require more blood circulation to our body organs which is usually normal but if this happens again and again then body checkup must be done.

Keep your heart healthy by following fitness diet and tips and make regular checkup to stay fit.

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