Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

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  1. Coconut oil contains fatty acids with important medicinal properties
  2. It has boosting properties, it helps boost brain energy and burns body fat.
  3. Coconut oil reduces the risk of heart disease due to good HDL cholesterol
  4. Coconut oil kills all the the harmful micro organisms and prevent infections.
  5. It reduces seizures in epileptic children and is also treated against arthritis.
  6. It protects our skin by blocking 20% of the ultraviolet rays.           
  7. Coconut oil can heal ragged cuticles, chapped lips and even improve our dental health.
  8. Population that consume coconut oil in their daily diet a proven to be more healthy.

To make the mayonnaise use coconut oil instead of using the soyabean oil.

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