Health benefits of Neem leaves

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Neem Tree Or Indian Lilac

Health benefits of neem leaves. Neem has antibacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties.

  1. Drink neem tea. Take few neem leaves and boil for 10 minutes add coffee and sweetner. Helps to get rid of stomach upset, liver problems, intestinal worms(no sweetner).
  2. Boil few leaves and let it cool, strain and store to clean face off blemishes and eczema. lightens scars, cures pimples, used in leprosy. Eye disorders and bloody nose.
  3. Also helps cure diabetes and many heart diseases.
  4. Take handful of fresh neem leaves, grind them and add coconut oil, boil and strain to have pure neem oil. Essential for hair care due to regenerative properties. Massage into scalp for hair growth, for strong and healthy hair. Also helps removes dandruff.
  5. Neem powder is used in facial products, it moisturizes and gives clear healthy skin.
  6. Add neem powder to tulsi, sandalwood and rosewater to make a face pack. This is excellent for all skin types, apply for 20 minutes and rinse.
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