Many Benefits Of Red Roses

Red Rose - It is a flowering shrub, derived from latin word Rosa. scientifically named rosacea, plant family. With different colors like red, yellow, white and purple.

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Uses & Benefits of Red Rose


  1. Rose petals used to flovour tea and herbs called herbal tea.
  2. Rose syrup is made to flavour drinks to soothe in summers. also widely used to make ice creams, custards, tarts, sweets, cakes, jellies etc.
  3. Widely used in making of essential oils[attar] used in arabic countries .also widely used in commercial perfumery and cut flower crop.
  4. Rose water is used for cooking, cosmetics, ayurvedic medicine, religious practices. rose water is also used to clean sore eyes
  5. Gulkand made from rose petals is digestive, coolant and mouth refreshner. Also there is indian recepie made from gulkand known as gulabjamun.


tip: spoon of pure gulkand eaten before bedtime controls severe constipation. 

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