Some simple tips for Acne solution

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Acne and pimples are most common skin problem found with all of us, It is occured especially in stage of puberty or mainly due to harmonal imbalances. Acne treatment and medications available today is highly costly. So we are going to find out some home remedies which are always safe and inexpensive.

Tea Tree Oil

It is having disinfactant and anti-bacterial properties, because of which it kills the bacteria instantly. You can apply directly on the spot of the skin where pimples have occured. Also you can dilute it in water for use or mix it with aloe vera gel to apply. Applying tea tree oil can cause dryness in the skin specially with people having dry skin.

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda

It is available in our kitchen, known for its anti bacterial properties. It helps pimples and acne dry out easily and it is a great exfoliate your skin. It get’s rid of all the dead skin cells and gives you younger looking and fresh skin.
For the application you can dilute baking soda in water and use for face wash. Also it can be added with lemon to apply. Its application depend on your skin type, avoid excessive use if you feel irritating and uncomfortable.

Diet Check

Keep a check on a simple list of some food items which you should consume daily and which products you should avoid. The more dairy products you consume higher chances of hormonal imbalances. Some foods contain high insulin which leads to production of oil by glands. Skin pores are clogged by excessive oil eventually cauisng acne. We must consume foods rich in zinc and vitamin A & E.

Some simple steps to follow


For cleansing apply cleansing bar or face wash. It can be done twice daily. Do not spend much on getting products in the market. After doing it you will feel a much fresh skin.


After cleansing, exfoliating the skin with proper face wash will add glow to your skin. This process can be done twice ot thrice a week.

Exfoliation is essential to get rid of the blackheads, white heads and clogged skin pores. You may use a home made exfoliater or those with micro beads which help in getting rid of the dead cells.


A toner is applied once and wiped away to remove all the dead cells which was not removed during the process of cleansing.


We are afraid of applying moisturizer to the acne prone skin. More often dry skin is the main cause of frequent problems. Many options are available for acne prone skin. Do not experiment with all the products available in the market and frequently changing it. Select the
best single product good for your skin.

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