Health benefits of consuming sesame seeds

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It is beneficial for our health. It contains mono-saturated fatty acids, which reduces cholestrol and helps preventing heart diseases.

Benefits of Sesame Seeds

  1. Eating Sesame seeds in winter especially gives lot of energy.
  2. It has dietary protein and amino acids which helps in regular growth of children.
  3. Vitamins found in sesame seeds helps in anxiety and depression.
  4. Eating sesame seeds regularly helps in stopping hair fall. 
  5. Also applying sesame oil to hair scalp weekly will be beneficial.
  6. Body massage using sesame oil helps glow your skin and relieves pain.
  7. Mouth ulcers can be cured by applying sesame oil and (sendha namak)salt.
  8. Make a habit of chewing sesame seeds after brushing. It helps make teeth stronger. Adds calcium to your body.
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