Health benefits of Curry Leaves(Kari Pata)


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Health benefits of Curry Leaves(Kari Pata) also known as Meetha Neem.

  1. Kari pata is a good source of protein, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper like minerals. Also rich in Vitamin A, B, C & E and amino acids, niacin, flavonoids and many other antioxidants.
  2. It strengthens liver and it also saves liver from bacterial and viral infection. Also helps control free radicals, hepatitis, psoriasis etc and helps in proper functioning of liver.
  3. It is a rich source of Vitamin A which is good for eyes health, due to deficiency of which could result in disease called Night Blindness(ratondhi) as a result of it reduces vision quality and other problems related to eyee may occur.
  4. It is good for heart health as it also reduces level of LDL Cholesterol, presence of LDL Cholesterol increases the risk of getting heart diseases.
  5. Due to its high content of antioxidants and phenols are present in good amount. It helps prevent major diseases like cancer: lukemia, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer etc. Also presence of many types vitamins helps reduce oxidative stress and control free radicals which in turn helps reducing cell damage.
  6. Folic acid and iron both are present in curry leaves(kari pata), even also folic acid helps in absorption of iron in our body.
  7. It is good for diabetes as it is rich in fibre and it helps keep sugar level in control in our body. Also it helps in digestion & increases metabolism and reduces body fat, hence it proves beneficial in cure of diabetes.


Curry leaves used in our daily diet could surely improve our health but can also increase hair growth and reduce hair fall. Also lustre and shine is visible within a month.

How to use against hair fall & its preparations:

  • Crush and combine with coconut oil heat for few seconds, this natural oil will do wonders by massaging into scalp and leave for few hours then rinse with mild shampoo(choose ayurvedic).
  • For long hair growth combine curry leaves(dried powder) along with pure henna and lemon for getting remarkable results, apply this mask for 1 hour and rinse with mild shampoo(ayur).
  • Also for better results add curry leaves to boiling water and when half of it remains, mix up or strain and add honey to it. Then use it to mask your hair for 1 hour and rinse with mild shampoo.

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