Jobs for Cloud Computing & Services in 2019

There is a good requirement for professionals in Cloud Services & Cloud Computing Jobs in this and coming year 2020.

Cloud services helps the companies to provide better services to their customers while reducing their cost as cloud services are really cost effective and it is available on demand. Graduates in Computer Science and having done Specialized Courses are having good demand in job market.

Areas of Cloud Services include:

  1. Cloud Business Process
  2. Cloud Application Services
  3. Cloud Application Infrastructure Services
  4. Cloud System Infrastructure Services
  5. Cloud Management And Security Services
  6. Cloud Advertising

Professionals related to cloud computing are having high demand in services. In India around 80% of the companies are utilizing cloud services or are going to utilize it.

What is Cloud Computing?

With the advancement in technology and increase in demand of IT services have paved the way for new area of Cloud Services. In this process rather than residing in a single location services provided by companies are available globally and are accessible from anywhere. 

For example :
Nowadays for hosting services companies uses cloud hosting while shared hosting is still in use by small business and private individuals. In cloud hosting your website resides on a cloud server at multiple location instead of a single server at one location. This makes the promise your site will be up always even if there is some fault at any server location.

There are many companies in cloud like: Amazon (AWS) Cloud Services, Azure Platform from Microsoft and Google Cloud Services, IBM Services etc. And there is a good demand by these companies for professionals who are skilled in -

  • Resource Management & Monitoring
  • Data Analytics
  • Device Mobility
  • User Interface
  • Multi Architecture Application Planning
  • Virtualization and Parallel Programming

Increase in growth for Cloud Computing Professionals like:

  1. Cloud Architects
  2. Cloud Developers
  3. Cloud Consultants
  4. Cloud System Administrators
  5. Cloud Security Specialists

Good requirement for Solution Architects and Computer programmers having good knowledge of programming languages like C, C++ & C#, Php, Java, SQL and MySql.

Within India, According to an estimate market of Cloud Business Services will grow upto 236 billion dollars in 2020. While there is high demand in Cloud Application Services and Cloud System Infrastructure Services as accounting to 1006 and 2028 billion dollars respectively in 2020.


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