Solar Powered Lighting System For Our Home

Using solar energy to light our house is not only beneficial economically but also helps saving our environment.

For a regular house electricity consumption 1 kilowatt solar panel system is enough to install.

There are two types of solar panel OnGrid and OffGrid panels.

OffGrid panel - Charge of installing offGrid solar panel is higher. In this an additional battery is charged from solar panels which can be used afterwards at evening time and when there is no solar light available.

OnGrid Panel- In this the solar panels are attached to electricity grid system so that produced additional electricity can be sold. Charge of installing these panels is lower although produced electricity cannot be stored.

Installing 1 kilowatt rooftop project may cost around 75,000/- INR. Government also gives subsidy upto 30%. This system will last upto 25 years and have very low maintenance cost.

Environment Friendly - Consuming solar energy using this system will save production of green house gases like carbon dioxide upto 1.8 tonne per year.

Installing this system on the roof of your house may require 9 square-meter or 100 square-foot of space.

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