The Complete Travel Packing list for Women Travelers.

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Packing for women is a challenge while deciding on what to include or not in your bag. We have a list which can be proven helpful while getting ready to travel.

You can arrange packing cubes and other cases which will be helpful to sort out things and look organized.


Packing List of five important items

  1. Clothing

Well for women to be able to choose that a which pair of dresses to take and which one to ditch is a tough call. But one should carry limited amount of clothing. Depending on your destination you should focus on your choice of clothes, so if you are travelling to a tropical region carrying swimsuit and umbrella is a must, on the other hand if you are travelling to a hill more chilly area, a jacket or other winter warmers would be a necessity. Also a pair of slippers and sports shoes is a must. A a sarong which can be used like a light blanket, headband as well as scarf, these multi-taskers can help reduce weight. Again checking the weather before reaching your destination is also a needed to be considered.


2. Documents :

This is very important aspect while travelling. Documents you carry should be handled with utmost care and also carrying a soft copy of your documents in your smartphone can also be helpful if your ever lose your hard copies. Kindly check on the list of documents you should carry as per your travelling requirements, such as passport, license, ticket, student or senior card, a diary where all the emergency numbers are written down along with the embassy contacts in every country you are travelling to. Also extra passport size photos, and money, in both paper and plastic form.


3. Toiletries :

This is an extremely important part of your packing list. Including basi stuffs like: shampoo, sachets which are another multi-taskers since they can be used to wash clothes also. And carry sachets instead of bottles since they are light weight. Face wash that can also be used as a shower gel, toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorants, sunscreen, makeup items, hand sanitizer, paper and wet tissues, first-aid-kit, prescription meds and other things depending on your destination.


4. Electronics :

In our today's life smartphone plays a important role, carrying a smartphone with a well working GPS can be very helpful. A portable charger specially the new ones equipped with an inbuilt torch. A DSLR camera along with extra memory card. An ipod or a MP3 player if you are a music lover. All these things and be extremely helpful during the journey.


5. Choosing a bag :

This is yet another important aspect of choosing a travelling bag. It should be chosen carefully, carrying a trolley bag will be easy going. Also choosing the bag which is water proof is on the safer side, especially if you are travelling to a rainy places. Also hard shell suitcases are better than carrying soft shell ones since they last longer and do not tear and als protects our delicate items. And carrying a miniature locks are better than number locks since the number locks are not reliable and can put you through a lot of trouble if they are changed by mistake. Also carrying a side bag is helpful as it can accommodate your wallet, important documents, a tiny water bottle, and other important things.


Also keep in mind to not stuff too much in your suitcase and keeping it as light as possible so it can have space for shopped items also.


So girls, what you are waiting for, pack your bags smartly & travel in style.

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